Janmashtami 2018: At least 36 ‘govindas’ injured during Dahi Handi celebration in Mumbai

Janmashtami 2018: At least 36 ‘govindas’ injured during Dahi Handi celebration in Mumbai

Maharashtra Krishna was born in Maharashtra with religious zeal and enthusiasm and on Monday the colorful ‘Dahi Handy’ celebrations were followed, in which youth and other parts of the state had witnessed encouraging participation. However, like every year, injuries have also been reported. According to the ANI report, during the Dahi-Handy celebrations, ‘Govindas’ has been injured by 2 pm in Mumbai. At Thane, a person was injured and admitted to the hospital during the Dahi Handi festival.

There are many curd handi incidents every year in India. Injuries and death are common during this process. In 2017, the Supreme Court and Bombay High Court banned the participation of children under 14 years of age in the Dahi Handi festival. Mumbai Police warned the revelers against making high human pyramids and advised Govindars to wear safety gear to avoid any injury during the fall while attempting to break the utensils.

“Brake curd handy.” Your head is not screwed by unnecessary carelessness due to the world’s top! #AwareGovindaAalaRe #WearSafetyGear, “the tweeted the police.

The disaster management room of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) was alerted to deal with any situation, while the hospitals were asked to keep the medical staff on standby. In the past, many Govinds were injured after the human pyramid collapsed. Govinda Mitra Mandal founder Rajaram Hamne said, “Our team members adhered to all the guidelines laid down by the court, government and police.”